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Books! Books! Books!

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

I’d kinda dropped off reading since starting the new job. I had a pretty huge train commute before which provided great time for watching tv and reading books. I used to crush paperbacks for breakfast and snack on hardcovers for afternoon tea. Sadly, gone are the days of book meals! I’m spending more and more time on my motorbike – and it just doesn’t work reading and riding.

A recent few weeks off here and there let me get back in to a few books and I’m trying to find time after work to get some reading in. What I have knocked over recently…

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Douglas Adams – the trilogy. Fantastic – great story full of adventure and the odd laugh.

The Void TrilogyPeter Hamilton – third book to be released – up so high on my list of books its not even funny. Fantastic SciFi and hanging out for the third book to be released.

Nick Stone storiesAndy McNab – Exit wound was the latest – read during Tassie trip. Enjoyed it. Not awesome. I think I’m starting to out grow Nick Stone (or Andy).

Mark AbernethyGolden Serpent/ Second Strike – there is a third out that I should get my hands on. I like this guy a lot. Fresher than old Andy McNab and he is an Aussie so the stories tend to talk about local issues/politics. Not bad read. Up there on the list.

Isaac AsimovThe Stars Like Dust – First Asimov I’ve read I think… which is hard to believe considering I am such a massive fan of ‘I Robot’. Need to get more of this or the foundation series.

Surely there are more. Must think harder.

Currently working my way through ‘Sleepless’ by Charlie Huston. So far so good – its pretty deep and dark but has a lot of potential and is something fresh for me.