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Street Fighter Legacy!

Friday, May 7th, 2010

Stumbled upon this today.

Pretty decent for a fan made clip – apparently it has the full blessing of Capcom which is pretty sweet. I think its really cool to have the developer and IP owner supporting home grown films.

If only it had included Jean Claude!

Iron Man 2 – now with added Iron Man….2?

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

I really liked Iron Man (the first). Like really. Lets just get that aside – Robert Downey. Awesome in the first. I wouldn’t say it was a true reflection of the comic but as a movie it was great entertainment. Because of this I’ve been hanging out for Iron Man 2 for a while. The prospect of Tony Stark getting his explosion on – again – was nothing but attractive.

So I went in with high hopes to say the least. I don’t want to give much away so I’ll keep it brief:
– I don’t like hating Tony Stark – but the first 45mins make you want to deck him.
– I do like War Hammer – but preferred the suit before the ‘Hammer’ extensions. That sleek silver was nice.
– Mickey Rourke – that man is on a comeback but the ending – really? Way to rap that up quick smart.
– The F1 fight scene in Monaco was very cool.
– Every time I saw Iron Man land or take off it just made me realise how much better CGI has become.

Looking back – I preferred the first. The entire demise of Tony Stark followed by his slow climb back up and finally over coming his nemesis was great. This one – I didn’t feel it was there. Tony was at the top (if not too high) from the start – and never really had a physical demise. I guess you could see his personality had a downfall… maybe.

Highlights? Decent action. Good characters – Hammer was decent. Amazing CGI that didn’t dominate the movie. Nice cars – though would have preferred some more flashy.

If you liked the first – its worth following the story line through.

If you are interested in further reading – here is a interesting interview with the studio involved in designing and bringing the suit to life. Essentially no, your aren’t tall enough or thin enough to actually wear the thing.

Update: I was informed I very poorly didn’t mention the sound track. Maybe this was because it didn’t impress me much? I did enjoy the fight scene at Tony Stark’s house accompanied by Daft Punk – other than that, nothing else sticks in my mind.

What does stick in my mind – is the ACDC moment in IM1 – as he escapes from the caves we are hit with an awesome re-tune of the Iron Man theme. That was an epic sound track moment.