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Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

It has been a while young blog – how I miss your sweet embrace.

I’m in Canada! (and the crowd goes wild!) Decided to head abroad for 12 months with Jemma to see North America and get our travel on. I’ve remained employed and am working remotely covering the night shift for the oncall engineers – dabbling in some co-working/hot desking environments. Headed to ‘209 Yaletown’ this week where the drop in fee is $30 CAD with desk, kitchen, external screen and internet included. Not cheap, but not bad. Sadly it isn’t 24/7 access – basic 9-5pm.

I’ll attempt to find some new nerdy north american items to post about (Bar the original Mrs PacMan table downstairs in the hostel). Still reading away – but on a kindle no less…. more to come on that another day.

Lacking on the nerdy work content of late. Have done more programming… and expanded in to using GitHub which is new and fancy. Attempting to get my head in to Ruby (as we will soon have a nice monitoring system based upon it). Otherwise all is well in the land of server management and hosting providing.

Until next time! (Here is some candy)