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Watson – doesn’t roll off the tongue like T1000

Friday, February 18th, 2011

But is the name of our eventual overlord that important?

Lets for a second pretend you missed the IBM Jeopardy Challenge – the challenge to determine future rule of the human race. For one, you are a silly mortal… you missed our race being destroyed by a mere LCD screen showing a globe with exclamation marks over top (I’m informed each mark represents a race previously conquered). Here, have some back story…

To think – this entire situation could have been mitigated if Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter didn’t humiliate Watson with their post match antics;

Yea, good work Brad. Give him the old rabbit ears. Jerk.

Ken, who I have deemed to be 7/8ths smarter than Brad “I’m an actor” Rutter made humble advances on Watson throughout the rounds;

Smart move Ken. Keep playing your cards (or tiles as the case may be) right and you will have secured your position as “Human Death Camp Warden #213″. A position coveted by Brad “I’m not as good as Ken” Rutter.

Evidently it was the post match humiliation that really drove Watson to destroy our souls as direct punishment for what these mortals deemed “post match jovials”. FOOLS! Once again Brad “I’ll be a TV host one day” Rutter has proven he doesn’t think before he acts (or buzzes).

And I bet Alex Trebek is rethinking his life decisions after he was so certain the human race could defend itself in a simple trivia game. You fool Trebek, you’ve sealed our fate.

As a few side notes;
– Despite Ken’s best efforts I don’t think you can honestly describe a match of Jeopardy as gladitorial.
– Why did the entire audience need to be IBM staffers? Was the blatant humiliation of our race in a knowledge test not enough? We needed super nerds in suits surrounding the contestants.
– Next round we should allow Watson to beam the information directly to our neural cortex… despite the pain associated with this approach I would prefer it over the ancient IBM spokesman talking through a dust mouth – Ok… I can’t for the life of me find an image of this guy. But he was old. Walt Disney old.
– The entire three day challenge was in fact an ad for IBM.
– Its pretty decent that in the end charity was the big winner here – with nearly all spoils going to charity.

My rants aside – if you wanted to see some more info on a pretty spectacular project… check out the IBM page on Watson. If you are up for a nice in-depth video summary check out – this link.