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The North American “Can you eat it quest?”

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Why yes I can eat it! And will!

I thought I’d throw together some of the good piccies of the food we have conquered so far! These are in no specific order and you can click to get the grainy details;

First up – the classic hot dog. Value here – $3 a pop. Good location – near the beach. All you can eat condiments. Most authentic award.

What the? Its a donut alright. It was tiny. My mouth dominated it in like 2 bites proving my manly-ness. Purchased Pike Place Market, Seattle. Good? Yes. It was warm and powdered. Award? Most powdered donut eaten by me. Bonus round; also visited the first Starbucks here AND had my first fresh King Crab.

Oh yea – now we are talking. Red Robin. Seattle. Expectations were low. End result was high. Beef burger with deep fried jalapeƱos. Unlimited steak fries (which I did not take up). Awarded Most Improved player.

Beer and pizza – an assumed play. Zeeks. Good topping. Good pastry. Awarded top pizza in North America (so far!)

This was a first for me. Popcorn shrimp – how do they fit the corn in the shrimp? There is no corn in the shrimp? How is it popcorn? Oh! right. It tasted dam good though – best you don’t add popcorn. Even Jemma got in there. Awarded Seafood Appealing to Jemma award (this is a lucrative one).

An odd one – its a hot chocolate (in Whistler). But all the chocolate was in the bottom. What did I do? Turn it in to ART! I then proceeded to not drink (eat it) but I insisted photos were taken. Award? Most creative!

Hur hur hur. I look like Snoop Dawg. Not really, its just steam. This tasted crap. Slight letdown here random Asian store on Davie St. I. shall. not. return.

Funny story here – It was some soup – chicken noodle. Granville Island. Was good as it was cold. What ruined it? A seagul poo’d on me. I can’t fault the soup on that – just the bird. Awarded Most Poo’d on while eating award. Current tally = 1.

I ate the pizza here – Jemma (the one up top) survived my ravenous appetite. The pizza shop talked it up – We rise the dough three times BLAH BLAH BLAH – let me eat the pizza already. End result? It was crap. The “deli meat” you bragged about? Crap. Seriously – was I in a children’s cafeteria. That was like some devon. Points for effort and style – the thing looked good (but clearly the olives were from a can). Awarded Least NY Style pizza (advertised as New York Style pizza).

Ok, so I didn’t eat this. I mean really – its sliced. I like mac’n’cheese. I like sliced meats. Who woulda thought the combination looks like maggots. So no, I didn’t eat it. FAIL FOOD QUEST. Maybe a little less MACARONIS and a little more FROMAGE! Most maggot appearance award.

I shall attempt to eat more as clearly I haven’t eaten enough.

Mass Effect – I want to like you.

Monday, March 14th, 2011

I really do. We should be friends. We can be friends. Everyone says you are really good and have a great story line.

I’m in a foreign country. Your installed. Lets play.

Alas, I’ve been down this path before. I got too caught up in all your side quests and content. Not this time! This time I stick to the main plot thread and don’t get distracted.

So, where are we now? We are together – I’m playing you. Its fun. Life is good. We are both happy.

Queue Krogan Battlemaster;

Yes, you ugly bastard. You ruined it all. All of sudden I’m stuck – I can’t beat you and when I load from ‘last autosave’ I’m already trapped just before I battle you. Of course I’m a low level – derrrrr – I’m not doing all the side quests.

Oh I see. I have to either – get stuck OR do all the side quests.


I don’t think this is going to work out.