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A note to the Internet creators;

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

Dear web developers,

I want to build a website (direct – I know!).

I have grounding in a few languages (ruby, powershell, c++, perl), I’ve deployed a few CMS’ (wordpress, drupal), played with databases (MSSQL, MySQL) and feel comfortable with delivery methods (apache, IIS, nginx) but no experience in tying them together and deploying a site written by hand.

I want to learn and am seeking recommendations on where to start. Lets forget design and focus on code – for example, I’d like to start at a simple level, say deploy an HTML5 element that can draw an object (a square for example) that will tie into an application that can query a back end DB and then deploy that content.

I’ve run through most of “RailsForZombies” and enjoyed the learning system here (free, online and interactive) a while ago. Would this be sufficient to deploy my simple example as above? Accepting any and all recommendations/guidance!

Thanks Internet,