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The Great Firewall of {…}

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

Desk. The missing word there is desk.

Turns out the work proxy got an upgrade! Or someone ticked a few more boxes – lo and behold WordPress type blogs were caught in the crossfire. So that is the Q4 2012 excuse and I’m running with it.

Why not update from home? Lazy.
Why not write more of these self-evident questions and then answer them with a single word? Lazy.

End of 2012 was pretty cool – the Project Mame is still ongoing. More parts have been acquired and testing run. We are now into developing the 3D drawings for production, design has changed but end game remains the same.

I learnt some new things – hopefully one of which I can link to in the near future.

The country around us is either burning or flooding but that is old news now.

Onward to think of more witty self-deprecating questions.