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Calling it!

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

Ok – I’m calling it.

I’ve spent the odd few hours here and there mucking around on a site – just learning and applying things as I go. Turned out to be a good idea as I learnt Ruby On Rails, bootstrap, CSS and some jQuery. Was a good laugh but I’m going to call it now and move on.

I’ve managed to mangle the site into apache and it works! Its called WishLinks. Started as a real simple idea of letting people list and share present ideas for themselves. The premise was you could create your list in your own time linking to funky stuff you liked and then when your birthday rolls round or someone wants to buy you something (cause they are super nice) they can head to WishLinks and see what you want (or what you have been bought). Its like targeted presents!

I could have kept hacking away on it and learning but I want to move on to something new. Whats missing that I would have liked? Hrmmm – many things, some of which are;
– User notification engine – eg; when a user marks a link as ordered or bought
– Improvements to the UI – use of AJAX so the user never leaves the front page
– Logic improvements – my code is pretty bogus and could be optimized
– Inject referral code – thought it would be nifty to inject my code into any amazon links (is this bad form?).
– Rating engine – include some method of users marking a rating on each link for cost/want
– Logo – I don’t know. Get one? I need to play more with the gimp.

Its available on GitHub if you go for that sort of thing. I really got a lot out of building the site and it was great fun for my first time dabbling in building an interactive site.

Now on to my long-term idea of `redacted`.

Here are some of the resources I used if you want to have a bash:
jQuery – where I learnt basic jQuery
Bootstrap – twitter bootstrap!
Bootstrap-sass, but I’d now use twitter-bootstrap-rails
Ruby on rails tutorial – where I learnt to RoR
Stackoverflow – where I asked all the hard questions, or more likely, found answers.