A lesson in Tron – Part 1

There will only be one part. So listen up. It just made the title look better? Get off my back.

Tron – released 1982 – is an epic cyber adventure of gargantuan proportions. I should write movie bylines. Essentially. Man programs computer. Computer lasers man. Man is inside computer. There is some plot there… but its arduous. We are welcomed to a world based on human representatives of computer programs – or at least have names that resemble parts/programs.. eg ‘Ram’ is one of the earliest characters met.

Here is the 1982 trailer:

Did you see the graphics there? That is some classy classy stuff. Now it looks a bit dated now but at the time this was cutting edge. By the time I saw it for the first time – it was still holding its own. Tron almost single handily inspired me to get interested in computers. It alone has kicked off many dreams I had of creating apps/tie ins for VR/simulated reality – so much so that I have currently created 0. Too much stimulus I think.

What could top this?

Tron 2.0. The game. This blew my fragile little mind at the time. You are IN the computer. IN the computer. Under the guise of playing a video game – pfft. Couldn’t fool me. I saw right through it. Fantastic game – good appropriation of the story and actually created a pretty dam immersive game. For a while this was my benchmark for games.

What next? Really things are pretty intense already…

no embed makes baby jesus cry

Ok massive anti-climax not being able to embed that. But it is a Disney film and they are pretty tight on these things. In short. The idea of a new Tron movie (Tron: Legacy) excites me. This is the chance for another part of my childhood to be re-created… and so far it looks good. Ok, lets ignore the first minute of that trailer….

Otherwise – here is some more pre-release footage. Clip creates more hope:


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