A note to the Internet creators;

Dear web developers,

I want to build a website (direct – I know!).

I have grounding in a few languages (ruby, powershell, c++, perl), I’ve deployed a few CMS’ (wordpress, drupal), played with databases (MSSQL, MySQL) and feel comfortable with delivery methods (apache, IIS, nginx) but no experience in tying them together and deploying a site written by hand.

I want to learn and am seeking recommendations on where to start. Lets forget design and focus on code – for example, I’d like to start at a simple level, say deploy an HTML5 element that can draw an object (a square for example) that will tie into an application that can query a back end DB and then deploy that content.

I’ve run through most of “RailsForZombies” and enjoyed the learning system here (free, online and interactive) a while ago. Would this be sufficient to deploy my simple example as above? Accepting any and all recommendations/guidance!

Thanks Internet,

2 Responses to “A note to the Internet creators;”

  1. TheWizard Says:

    Native html5 element that can be manipulated with javascript.

    And with javascript, you can make calls to the backend via ajax.

    learn canvas. look over ajax.

  2. JB Says:

    Thanks TheWizard. I did actually take a quick intro to the canvas element in html5. I’ve always had trouble heading into javascript for some reason so ran for the hills. Similar for Ajax. I’ll bite the bullet and have a good ol bash.