Another week another laugh.

Ahhh yes – another gap. I believe in some cultures a blog with healthy gaps in it is seen as good luck. Which culture? I can’t recall right now.

I’ve had a somewhat entertaining few weeks. Plenty of goings ons. But I shall not bore you with details and instead – I will share with you the brighter moments. Hence forward is a picture break down of my life (obviously not the entire thing… just last few weeks):

I ravaged a cartridge from the labeler at our data center. How I managed this – I shall never know. I have submitted a training request for “Labeling”.

All lies. I was so excited when I found this – Cinnamon soda! Awesome. Just like the Big Red gum?? Nope, its just straight fire engine/creaming soda. In my excitement I missed the “Red Soda” label. Pfft.

I was then swiftly excited at the prospect of finding the pop tart motherland. I didn’t even know there were 27 flavours! There are now. I dutifully bought a box for $7.95 promising not to eat only them. I proceeded to have pop tarts for breakfast the next five days. God the things are good toasted with a cold glass of milk. Would I feed them to my kids? Heck no! (Ok maybe once.)

Then to cap the week off – while I was walking around a book store I stumbled upon these puppies. Its like Lego for people with a degree or something. Magical! Or more – removes the magic of Lego! WHERE HAS THE MAGIC GONE!

Pretty much wraps up some random photos from my life and phone!

*** Photos do not represent in any way a linear time line. The memory works how the memory works and I’m pretty sure the images were in alphabetical order.

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