I own a blog?

At first – I thought this was all lies and slander. I’ve never had a blog before. Have I?

Apparently yes.

I even found this pretty interface.

What happened? Well, life got interesting. Now? Life seems less interesting – or perhaps I am stumbling across things to share once more.

Lets get the party started with some small nerdy stuff. I’ll try to keep the momentum rolling through-out the week;

Awesome lamp

Check out this wicked lamp, admittedly, its internet old (aka, been round the block). But its sticking in my favourites as a must buy. Totally present worthy. Who doesn’t want to jazz up the light world with some funky Mario graphics and sounds.

While we are on the Etsy subject – something that popped up today that surpasses the lamp. An unbelievable wall mural. You are not a parent if you a) don’t already own one for your child. b) don’t want to buy this for your future child. I guess if point b) applies… then you aren’t a parent anyway.

Not only is this item wicked – its affordable. So its a double threat…. you can afford to buy 32 of these AND it will help you pick up chicks. What. Could. Go. Wrong.

Its dangerous to go alone. Take this!

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