LED Coffee Clock. Java free!

Expanding on my bad pun titles and love of gadgetry comes the LED Coffee Clock – or IllyClock. Which I think is a horrific name. Alas, the thing is cool. And buildable! Check out the Instructables link. 6 Steps and you are up and running.

I am a fan. I think the twist knob interface is a neat touch and the display is retro enough but still maintains some cool elements with the LED screens. I’d only change the casing – something a little nicer that suits the build. Maybe a cookie jar? Or something with a bit more class.

Seems like a simple project and I am finding more and more of these that are based upon the Arduino chip. Currently I am still battling with my solar cars – I’ve developed a basic solar engine but it has no frame or structure – but the thing works (no wheels either…. hardly a car then).

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