Mass Effect – I want to like you.

I really do. We should be friends. We can be friends. Everyone says you are really good and have a great story line.

I’m in a foreign country. Your installed. Lets play.

Alas, I’ve been down this path before. I got too caught up in all your side quests and content. Not this time! This time I stick to the main plot thread and don’t get distracted.

So, where are we now? We are together – I’m playing you. Its fun. Life is good. We are both happy.

Queue Krogan Battlemaster;

Yes, you ugly bastard. You ruined it all. All of sudden I’m stuck – I can’t beat you and when I load from ‘last autosave’ I’m already trapped just before I battle you. Of course I’m a low level – derrrrr – I’m not doing all the side quests.

Oh I see. I have to either – get stuck OR do all the side quests.


I don’t think this is going to work out.

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