My child will be a nerd – BUT THE COOLEST NERD!

Champion of the nerds? Where does that mean he/she will stand on the normal social ladder? Do wedgies still apply to someone considered nerd king – or ‘nerd herder’? Do people even give wedgies anymore? Did people EVER give wedgies?

I’m drifting off topic here. Essentially, I’ve resided to the fact that as an adult there are some clothes/accessories I simply cannot wear or own. Such is life. Instead of sulk – I shall push these items on to my child! Force them to endure the adoration from a gazillion women.

What item could make my child king of the underclass? (or over class depending on how you see the world!)


Thats right. I kid you not. A Ghostbusters backback. And yes, before you ask, the gun section does detach and is full of ectoplasm goodness.

Would it be too much to find some shoes shaped like Ghostbusters ghost traps? Probably yes.

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