Now with easier gift buying!

If you care to look at the left of this page under the heading ‘Pages‘ you will see ‘Book gift list’. This provides direct access to my Amazon Wishlist. Rather selfish of me huh? Initially I wasn’t going to comment on this but the experience has somewhat required it.

The purpose is simple – to provide an easy method for people to get ideas of what I like/want.. with the basic hope to help those looking for something I’m after or interested in. Ordinarily when people ask what I want I don’t have anything in my mind at the time so something random will come to the surface… which usually isn’t an accurate representation of what I want/need. Now its a lot simpler to maintain a list of books I’d like (if you wanted to buy me one….!).

It also comes with the perk of relatives being easily swayed to make purchases. So get buying folks!

Its funny the ease I’ve had in configuring this site…. wordpress does really make all the tools available and easy to use. Everything is delivered in a simple interface. Only three times now have I delved in to somewhat painful areas…

Firstly, I wasn’t happy with the order of the sidebar in a number of the themes I was testing. Sadly the interface doesn’t cater for changing these via a GUI and it presents differently for each theme. Luckily dropping down to the PHP/HTML level isn’t a problem for me and it was a basic task to use the wordpress theme editor to change the sidebar.php files.

Secondly, I wanted to have a easy method of backing up the entire setup (SQL DB and core files). Initially I thought this would require some FU on the terminal of the machine (well within my means) but I was pleasantly surprised to see a number of backup plugin options. I settled on an automated/simplistic plugin which still had some specific user options I could fiddle. 10 mins in all to set up and confirm as working…. including a feature to send me compressed backups via email. Too easy.

Thirdly, and what prompted this entry, was the creation of a link page to my amazon wishlist. There are a number of plugins related to this – almost all of which are no longer maintained/documented – meaning no current support for WordPress releases. Initially I breezed over AVH Amazon as I deemed it having too many features for my simple requirement. As time went on and many a failed attempts with other plugins I returned and installed AVH Amazon. Rather simple to use (though not confirmed as working on WordPress 3.0 – which I have now changed). I hit a few snags and decided I’d try my luck at the user support forums – much to my amazement there was a significant support framework for what is essentially a free plugin. Peter was quick to respond and responds well to users commenting on bugs/potential fixes. I’d recommend AVH Amazon to any WordPress user looking to integrate Amazon functionality on their site.

Don’t forget the start of this post though! Feel free to buy me a book (Judas Unchained would be nice as Pandoras Star was great).

3 Responses to “Now with easier gift buying!”

  1. brucb3 Says:

    Do your relatives read your blog?

  2. admin Says:

    I hope so – or else I will be forcing you to buy me books!

  3. bruceb3 Says:

    Do you want some Perl books? Or maybe some UNIX kernel books? Good Sunday morning reading.