Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

Many of you are probably rather similar to me and have no idea who Scott Pilgrim is. But don’t worry – this post comes with free education! Thats right. Education. Right here. Right now. Free.

Essentially – ‘Scott Pilgrim’ is a comic book series that has recently inspired a movie adaptation. If you are looking for more info – you are more than welcome to read that wiki page. But you don’t need to know much more.

Another comic adaptation you say? Yes, I do say. Watch this trailer…. no seriously watch it. Yes. I know. Its slow. But shit gets real about 25 seconds in.

I know. I agree. Pretty cool huh? I’m glad we both enjoyed that so much. Yes, I am also looking forward to its August 13 release. I’ll wait here while you go watch that trailer again.

Where was I? Thats right – there was another point to this. Imagine me – minding my own business. Prowling the internet like the coolest kid alive (thats right. Coolest. Prowling. That is what cool kids do) when I come across a game trailer. A game trailer you say? Yes, I do say! For this movie/comic adaptation? Yes! Aren’t we taking the questions too far? No.

So then this clip blew my fragile fucking little mind:

And hell yes I needed to swear. I kid you not. I am that excited by the look/feel of this game. That takes me straight back to duking it out in Double Dragon with my brother. Or that other game – that looks alsmost identicle to this game clip… but you know – it wasn’t a real game… just some multi-player flash thing with a heap of weapons that I can’t remember the name of. Yea, that one. So there it is. E3 2010 is on right now and the most exciting thing I have found relating to games is a retro turn back beat’em up platformer.

such a nerd.

update: there is a pretty decent site built around the movie – check it out. And yes? What you say? Another trailer that I haven’t embedded here! I KNOWS!

Oh who am I kidding – here I will embed it (and yes the SFX and sound track are decent):

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