The last year or so I’ve been keeping a close eye on sites like Make (which I have a subscription to) and Instructables. Picking up on little projects and bits that catch my attention and imagination. Usually its the simple circuitry that grabs my eye as I’ve always wanted to get in on the fun. I recently picked up some electronics tools and parts and have been fiddling with some circuits on the net to develop a solar car. Not much progress as I’m still learning to solder – but its decent fun. Makershed is a good starting point if you want to pick up some easy projects – like Blubber Blimp.

But lately I’ve been keeping track of some DIY copter projects – there is some cool stuff here and I’d really like to get good enough to attempt one of these. The best part is – if you can get the hardware together (with the free plans) the firmware is all open source.

This Shrediquette TriCopter is probably at the more difficult end of the spectrum – but I like the idea of having a camera equipped Copter that can get decent altitude:

ArduIMU QuadCopter seems a little more on the realistic side – basic use of some IR sensors and a Sonar chip which have a pretty cool outcome – heaps of room for development as well:

Ahhhh well. More things to spend my time and money on! Atleast with these sorts of things there is a tangible outcome.

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  1. Andrew Says:

    I was promised a reference in your next post. I don’t see it…

  2. admin Says:

    Bah! One day – maybe.