Stack Regen Complete

In a previous post I discussed my acquired stack of books – here. I then posted a little recap on all the books and my general thoughts.

Much to my excitement the stack has returned!

What do we have this time round:
Neal Asher – Gridlinked
Douglas Adams – Holistic Detective Agency
Isaac Asimov – The Caves of Steel
Alastair Reynolds – Revelation Space
Isaac Asimov – Robots and Empire
Orson Scott Card – Enders Game
Tim Severin – Odinns Child

Ended up buying almost all of these from Ampersand on Oxford St in Sydney (except Revelation Space). Decent prices and a good selection of Science Fiction books. I’ve got my eye on a number of others in store that I’ll head back to pick up next time.

While I was in Kinokuniya attempting to find the new Peter Hamilton (disappointed once again) one of the staff recommended Alastair Reynolds – hence why I bought Revelation Space. Another book also took my eye:

I haven’t looked in to it at all but its on the list.

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