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Big Fish to Small Fry – Part 2

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

It took about 3 days for my decisions to be sealed – my original IT firm came back to me with an amazing offer and my current employers made no effort to keep me – sadly the decision had been made that as a graduate – the team could live without me.

My last month was great fun – I worked hard till the last day closing a lot of outstanding tasks but otherwise stress was declining. I completed a week of oncall in my last month as a sign of good faith (which also provided some more cash). During my exit interview I highlighted a lot of points about the shortfalls of the graduate program (I’ll cover these in a later post) in the hope future graduates wouldn’t go through similar hurdles I had.

I’ve now been with the smaller IT firm nearly one month – due to my previous experience with them it was much easier coming back than headed to a new company – a number of the systems had remained the same as had the staff members. I knew what I was in for.

The first month has been chaotic at times – I’ve stepped up a few times to cover oncall responsibilities without much knowledge of the specifics – but overall the transition has been smooth. I’ve been surprised at how mamy skills I learnt first time round have remained and just needed a slight kick to get back in gear. During the first 2 weeks I was inspired to start a blog to document a few things – technical tid bits I found interesting, general life within the industry and a sort of week by week play of how I developed. Its taken me these 3 -4 weeks to find the free time and motivation to finally kick it off – but this is the end result.

I had planned this post to mainly highlight the differences between large corporate life compared to a grass roots IT firm – but the content seems to have grown and gone elsewhere – I’ll have to touch on this comparison later as I feel its really important to see the differences.