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Lazy of late

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

What… its the festive season. Get off my back.

So much food to consume – such little time. Been doing too much to have any time to add something new here. Hit a few movies:
– Sherlock Holmes – pretty cool. Downey just seems to go from strength to strength. Interesting film with a decent plot and some nice cinematography. As expected from Guy Richie – some pretty cool stuff.
– Avatar 3D – Pretty dam surprised by this one. Not big on Titanic guy (can’t remember his name and google is so dam far away). Good story and amazing CGI. First 3D flick and at the start it was a bit dodgy – but pretty much improved the whole experience. Would do it again.

Otherwise – working when it ain’t a public holiday and chilling out. Picking up the basketball more often with Jemma which is great fun.

Anyhoo – will get back soon with something more interesting.

Work In Progress!

Monday, November 30th, 2009

Stay tuned – when work quiets down I’ll get some content going. For now – boring old theme!