The bedside stack – to FIFO or LIFO!

On my recent foray to Middle Earth (New Zealand) – I managed to attain a number of second hand books. Note: Don’t buy books abroad; they are heavy. This compacted a visit I paid to Surry Hills Market in Sydney and I built a formidable foe as my bedside stack:

Consisting of: Bernard Cornwell ‘Vagabond’; Isaac Asimov ‘Foundation’; Peter F Hamilton ‘Judas Unchained’; Iain M Banks ‘Use of Weapons’; Iain M Banks ‘Excession’; Patrick Ness ‘The Knife of Never Letting Go’ and Lian Hearn ‘Heaven’s Net is Wide’.

Since this photo I have finished ‘Vagabond’ and started on ‘Foundation’. I primarily took the photo to share the spoils of my trip to NZ with a close friend Bruce and to see if he had any insight for the order of reading that was to occur. Bruce came back pretty quick with “Let’s see FIFO or LIFO?” which gave me a good chuckle but is a horrific computer geek reference – just how I like them (feel free to read more!) The insight Bruce finally gave was to read the Asimov next – which I have dutifully started and so far enjoy.

What next? I think it will have to be ‘Judas Unchained’ as the first book ‘Pandoras Star’ left me hanging for more.

While on the subject of Bruce (Is he even a subject?) he sent over a link to ‘SF Masterworks‘. While I haven’t read a great many of these (read: none?) OK no wait. 1 book ‘Day of the Triffids‘ which I really enjoyed when I was young.

So many books. Such little time.

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