The learning eye twitch

I’ve been powering through a great online technical book. The thing is complete with exercises, code snippets, implementation examples and questions. Its immense. I started hard and fast, powering through the first 5 chapters in 1 week – progress was easy and the concepts understandable. Things started to get complex and progress slowed – higher order thinking was required, re-reading of code became the norm. I forged on.

Somewhere around chapter 8 I seemed to develop an eye twitch. Initially, I thought it was a side effect of the work I was doing (heavy coding and excel usage) and staring at my (non-IPS) screen all day. It was odd though, the eye twitch only seemed to happen when I was reading this technical book. If I broke away to some other work or web browsing on the same monitor the twitch subsided.

I took a break from the book for a week or two. Work demanded more attention and I started reading a great book (Hyperion). The eye twitch dissipated.

Today, I thought I would re-visit the book and complete the later chapters. I find myself in chapter 11 of 12. I thought it was hilarious that 15 mins into reading the eye twitch returned. Its like a physical manifestation of the learning I’m trying to do by bashing my brain against the book.

I thought it was funny and wrote this. Thinking harder on it now, its not really that funny and likely I have a serious medical condition.

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