The stack – defeat imminent!

A few posts back there is a image of my bedside stack of used books. I come with good news. It is almost at a close.

How did it go? A little something like this:

Vagabond – as always, fantastic. Cornwell provides a good alternative to my SciFi grind and always manages to captivate my imagination. I thought we might be steering a little close to religion with the ‘Holy Grail’ theme but I was surprised at the delivery. Great in short. If you enjoy this – you will love “Azincourt”.

Foundation – ahhh Asimov. How old you are! I love reading a classic Asimov SciFi. The language is so different and the themes… dated. I always find it interesting to see how we have developed since his age. If only he could see us now. Decent read – interesting use of time (presented on a massive scale). Good intro to the ‘foundation’ series and I think I’ll hunt down the rest. Short and sweet so perfect little pickup.

Judas Unchained – Hardcore. SciFi. Its why I love you Hamilton. This turned out to be a 1300 behemoth (more pages than ‘Cryptonomicon’ but content not as dense{read confusing}). I keep coming back to Hamilton because the universe he presents does nothing but interest me. Immortality. Technology. Sentient Machines. Sex. Oh and action. Plenty of action here – good follow up to Pandoras Star and closes off the series. Recommended to all who like a bit of space opera.

Knife Of Never Letting go – I promoted this in the stack and read it here because I needed a SciFi go between. Hamilton to Banks would blow my fragile little mind. Hrmmmm what to say here – let me start with “Its a teenagers book”. I didn’t know this. Now you do, you are warned. Its clearly marketed towards them and at times I wanted to stop reading because of this (Mum told me to throw it out but I wanted to persist – just like a whingy teenager). I’m glad I read it to the end as it matured significantly in the last 50 odd pages… almost bare-able. Will I read the next? Maybe. I’m interested in where the plot will go but didn’t enjoy the writing style.

Excession – Read this before ‘Use Of Weapons’ as it was written first (thats how I am!). I had only read later Banks (Matter and Algebrist – both I enjoyed). Decent reading an early culture novel and a lot of content covered. The exploration of sentient tech always grabs my attention and the comedy Banks ties in is refreshing. High on my list of SciFi reads.

I had intended to read Heaven’s Net is Wide here… turns out it isn’t book two of the Otori Clan tales. Alas, it is a prequel. So I couldn’t touch it (prequels are for reading AFTER the other books…. it makes sense in my mind – ok, I read following the timeline they were written). This meant one thing though….

Use of Weapons – Oh god. A Banks back up. One straight after the other. At first I thought this was a bad call. Banks is sometimes a bit tough on my head. I really enjoyed Excession though so I thought I would just follow it up. I am about mid way through this one and so far it is rather enjoyable. Presented in a very different manner to Excession – a bit of time jumping… but the SciFi themes are there. Work in progress so I can’t comment on the finished product.

Pretty much burnt through the stack in the order they presented. A lot of train time has given me a lot of reading.

Imminent visit to second hand book store detected.

3 Responses to “The stack – defeat imminent!”

  1. Jemma Says:

    The stack is back! Use a bookshelf!

  2. Jolyon Says:

    If you like Hamilton, you’ll very much enjoy Banks. Stick with it… :)

  3. admin Says:

    Stick with it I did – finished it up I think the day you posted this. I’ve read a few Banks and enjoyed them all. Just finished up a new guy ‘Neal Asher’ which was refreshing and new.