Why I would dump the iPhone.

“Why would I dump the iPhone?” I hear you say as you glare down at your 3G[s] baby.

For Android. Plain and simple.

This is set to be a confusing and long love affair. Torn between the worlds of iPhone fanism and google support. Ok, so there is more to it than that. I just feel an Android could fill a few voids the iPhone has [created].

Things I love about my iPhone:
– sleek UI – the stuff looks good. Polished. Works.
– good application support – everything is on there. Helps to have a single point as an app store.
– strong carrier support – pity the plans are so skewed its not even funny.
– google integration – gmail support, google maps. contact sync? cool.
– iPod – music on the run.

Things I hate about my iPhone:
– closed shop – seriously, I own the hardware. Let me do what I want.
– UI restrictions – wallpapers? themes? Custom icons? No one thought this was a good idea.
– .caf format – enough said. MP3 is pretty basic.
– iTunes – wacky decisions here – No, I don’t want to erase my iPhone to sync.

Things I love about my potential Android phone:
– Open sauce! I could write something! If only I wasn’t lazy.
– Control – UI changes, MP3 as SMS tone! WOW!
– Black sheep – having something just that little different.
– Sense UI – mmmm nice little bits and pieces.
– Application integrations – facebook, twitter – all that stuff I don’t use in my Contacts.
– More google integration – Yes, they can have my data.

Things I hate about my potential Android phone:
– Carrier differentiation – so many phones. so many lame ones.
– No single point of app purchase – different carriers offering different stores. Urg.
– Carrier control – did you know Optus have withheld the app store? Not cool guys.

There is hope. OS4.0 is like a last ditch effort to keep me. Multi-tasking. Folders. Alas Apple, is it a case of too little too late?

I think it comes down to one essential point – I shouldn’t have to jailbreak my phone to do what I want with it. I own the hardware.

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